Play your part here, or click on the link under the player to download your part.


Fanfare Soprano1 Fanfare Soprano2

Fanfare Alto 1 Fanfare Alto 2

Fanfare Tenor

Fanfare Bass 1 Fanfare Bass 2

God Be With You

God Be With You Soprano

God Be With You Alto

God Be With You Tenor

God Be With You Bass

All Things

All Things Soprano 1

All Things Soprano 2

All Things Alto

All Things Tenor

All Things Bass 1

All Things Bass 2

Armed Forces

Armed Forces Soprano 1

Armed Forces Soprano 2

Armed Forces Alto 1

Armed Forces Alto 2

Armed Forces Tenor

Armed Forces Bass 1

Armed Forces Bass 2

Celebrate in Song

Celebrate in Song Soprano 1

Celebrate in Song Soprano 2

Celebrate in Song Alto

Celebrate in Song Tenor

Celebrate in Song Bass 1

Celebrate in Song Bass 2

Choose Something

Choose Something Soprano 1

Choose Something Soprano 2

Choose Something Alto

Choose Something Tenor

Choose Something Bass 1

Choose Something Bass 2

For Behold

For Behold Soprano 1

For Behold Soprano 2

For Behold Alto

For Behold Tenor

For Behold Bass

For the Beauty

For the Beauty Soprano

v Alto

For the Beauty Tenor

For the Beauty Bass

Fugue To a Cat

Fugue To a Cat Soprano

Fugue To a Cat Alto

Fugue To a Cat Tenor

Fugue To a Cat Bass

Lead On

Lead On Soprano 1

Lead On Soprano 2

Lead On Alto

Lead On Tenor

Lead On Bass

Look at the World

Look at the World Soprano

Look at the World Alto

Look at the World Tenor

Look at the World Bass

Love Is There are Five systems on the handout. They are 1, 2, Audience, 4 and Ending! The Audience will sing their 4 bars over and over till we all sing the Ending. The Audience will sing 4 bars alone and then we will join in singing line 1, 2 and 4. We will repeat our part (1, 2 and 4) and then sing the Ending!

Love Is Soprano

Love Is Alto

Love Is Tenor

Love Is Bass


Mouse Soprano

Mouse Alto

Mouse Tenor

Mouse Bass


Noah Soprano

Noah Alto

Noah Tenor

Noah Bass

O Praise the Lord

O Praise the Lord Soprano

O Praise the Lord Alto

O Praise the Lord Tenor

O Praise the Lord Bass


Secure Soprano

Secure Alto 1

Secure Alto 2

Secure Tenor

Secure Bass 1

Secure Bass 2

Within Creation

Within Creation Soprano

Within Creation Alto

Within Creation Tenor

Within Creation Bass